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      About us

      Who we are

      At SoraHemp we are one big family with many talented individuals ranging from grandmaster farmers, mad scientists, geeky lab rats, and a sales team who is too honest for their own good. Coming together we only have one goal in mind "global hemp domination".


      Established in September 2020 in California, SoraHemp started as a co-op of hemp industries professionals based on bringing effective and affordable products to the public. All our Hemp products are organically grown in Oregon farms and extracted to the highest purity possible.

      We are the new guys, here to shake things up :)

      - Henry F. CEO

      Our Values

      Doing what others cannot, from our own farms to laboratories and sales, we produce products that have been through many tests guaranteeing safety and effectiveness. While many other companies might charge hundreds of dollars for the same or inferior products, we hope to change the industry where anyone can afford hemp products and take advantage of its healing properties. We truly believe in the benefits of hemp and hope to share it with everyone seeking a better and healthier lifestyle together.